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12:44pm 23/07/2006

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Moving Sale   
01:26am 21/07/2006
Remember December   
04:26pm 17/07/2006
  Prints are back!

So, after a lot of thinking and talking with various people, I've decided to sell prints again. I know this may seem random, but it was stupid of me to stop selling prints. And there is a long story about why I did, and if you are dying to know you can email me or something. So, I am again selling prints. I have changed the prices though. An 8x10 is now $30 US plus $5 US for shipping.

A Secret   
01:19pm 27/06/2006

01:53pm 24/06/2006

01:15pm 24/06/2006

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Hit the Floor   
11:59pm 16/06/2006

The Time Was Wrong   
11:48pm 16/06/2006

Come Hither   
06:28pm 12/06/2006

The Outline of...   
04:23pm 09/06/2006

Hello, neighbour   
07:13pm 08/06/2006

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speak spanish   
02:10pm 25/05/2006

02:01pm 25/05/2006

available as three 8x10's for $95.00 CAD

Dancing in the dark   
02:52pm 18/05/2006

01:11am 15/05/2006

Channeling Motley Crue...or...something.

01:48pm 14/05/2006

"If poetry is like an orgasm, an academic can be likened to someone who studies the passion-stains on the bedsheets."
-Irving Layton

kiss me when you get home   
07:17pm 12/05/2006

Buy this, all three together! either as three 8x10's for $95.00 CAD

or as one 8x10 for $40 CAD